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About S&BS&B Filters

Over 30 years ago S&B Filters started with a simple mission:
"to become a manufacturer of the most technically advanced high performance filter on the market".

Our commitment to the race community allowed us to develop products that featured incredibly high efficiency ratings and tremendously low airflow restriction.

We busted knuckles with the best engine builders of the day to deliver a product that supplied what they were craving: a filter that delivered performance advantages without sacrificing engine protection. We succeeded by keeping our production capabilities on the front-edge of technology, and never, ever wavering from our goal of producing a high performance air filter that tests better than any other manufacturer. And even today, we are pushing the other manufacturers to test to our standards.

Exceptional design, leading-edge manufacturing and a commitment to thorough research and development has allowed us to make several advancements within the high performance category.

Why S&B?

  • We actually make it -- here in the USA.

  • 1 Million Mile Warranty.

  • S&B Filters are design and tested to the ISO Air Filtration Test Standard.
S&B's Latest Technological Advancements:

  • S&B Filters are designed and tested to meet the ISO 5011 Air Filtration Test Standard, the worldwide accepted benchmark for measuring the performance of filters and intake kits.

  • S&B Filters is first in the marketplace with its Build Your Own Filter program, making it possible for consumers and racers to select and build the filter best suited for their individual application.

  • S&B Filters tests its products to a higher standard in order to develop filters and intake kits that improve airflow, protect the engine and permit more horsepower.

  • With the consumer clearly in mind, S&B Filters has developed the Precision Cleaning & Oiling Kit, which enables the proper cleaning and oiling of S&B filters, thus ensuring a longer filter life and improving performance for the vehicle.

  • S&B Filters has expanded its scope of products to address the growing demand for diesel vehicles, with Performance Intake Kits for some of today's most popular engines and vehicles, including the Ford F-250/350 Powerstroke, Chevrolet Duramax and Dodge Cummins, improving both horsepower and torque as well as fuel economy and providing engine protection.

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