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The Diablo Sport tuner lets you take control

Diablo Sport TunerThe Predator handheld Diablo Sport tuner enables you to choose the program you want to use with your chips. Internet upgradeable, this marvel gives you the ultimate power in the palm of your hand! Turn that truck into a racer on the weekends or switch to a towing program when it is time to take the boat down to the lake for the summer, all with a few button punches. The Diablo Sport tuner allows you to have it all!

Diablo Sport upgrades let you get exactly what you need out of your vehicle and you can get them all from Performance Motorsports. Be sure to check out our selection of SCT Flash products as well!

Diesel power chips increase power and efficiency

Diesel Power ChipsBy adding diesel power chips to your vehicle you are creating a much more powerful engine but that is not all. The additional power is created by insuring a more complete burn of fuel so the fuel efficiency is increased as well. The typical Diablo Sport chip user sees a two to four MPG increase. Make no mistake, though; whether meant for gasoline or diesel engines, Diablo Sport products are designed and built for power and they deliver! Their diesel power chips allow you the choice between three distinct profiles: towing, general performance or racing.

Selecting between Diablo Sport diesel performance chips

Which of the Diablo Sport diesel performance chips are for you? It is a simple choice based on whether you race, do some heavy towing or just need a general upgrade for the everyday use of your vehicle. Any of them will increase your power (get an additional 60 horsepower with the towing set-up or a whopping 100+ with the racing chips) as well as torque (at least 100 foot-pounds) but they will be specifically designed for the application. After all, towing puts a very different strain on a system then the racetrack. If you are not a racer and only do the odd bit of towing, the general diesel performance chips are probably for you.

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