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1. Is this technology new with Turbo Diesel?
Water/methanol injection has been used extensively for years in high performance truck/tractor pullers. With the elevated boost levels required for peak power, water/methanol is a common means of cooling the intake charge and reducing exhaust gas temps. Also, truckers have used water injection for years to increase fuel mileage.

2. What power gains can I expect?
In diesel applications, no additional tuning is needed to maximize the benefits.
• A cooler, denser air charge is now delivered to the combustion chamber – this allows more diesel fuel to be burned than before.
• The methanol in the injection fluid burns as a fuel. This directly impacts power production.
• The water vaporizes in the combustion chamber, creating rapidly expanding steam which pushes down on the piston to create additional torque.

The extra power produced depends heavily on the concentration of methanol used and the volume injected. Typical power gains in 5.9L and larger applications with a 50% mixture of water/methanol are 50-100 WHP and a 100-150ft lb-ft increase in torque.

3. Can the Snow Performance system improve my fuel economy?
Yes. The MPG-MAX™ systems are designed to do just that. Both the diesel and gasoline MPG-MAX™ systems are specifically designed to inject a very small and precise amount of water/methanol under normal driving conditions such as accelerating away from a stop light or driving up a slight grade.

• Diesel MPG-MAX systems benefit from the methanol directly due to the fact that it combusts as a fuel, allowing for brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) to be reduced. Typical gains are 10-15% better fuel economy or 1-3 MPG. In some cases and in independent testing, gains of up to 30% have been observed in diesels.

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