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SCT More Power! Less Fuel

SCT Company Overview

SCT's strong background in software and OE automotive powertrain calibrations gives our company the ability to put the most powerful and functional tuning tools into our customers hands. SCT Dealers know that if they use the SCT product, that we will give them the support and resources that they need to grow their business. Our commitment to supporting SCT Dealers, builds confidence in our dealers. When a customer see's the SCT name, they should know that they are in good hands.

SCT's History in the Automotive Industry:

Long before SCT was incorporated, the key players in the SCT organization were already working inside the industry that we now serve. The core SCT team came from different areas of the automotive industry including performance shops, drag racing, vehicle calibrations, performance parts manufacturing, and aftermarket tuning. The software that SCT supports has been in development since 1996. The SCT Advantage Tuning Software has gone thru several redesigns to become the powerful tuning tool that it is today. Because of our extensive development, we are able to offer the ONLY comprehensive tuning tool the market has ever seen. The SCT tuning tool has been tested all over the world by over 600 tuners, performance shops, and performance manufacturers and OE's.

The SCT Commitment to be the Best:

SCT's mission is to be the very best at what we do. Customer Support is the reason why we have the largest network of Custom Tuning Dealers in the World. Besides world class customer support, our software/hardware actually does what is advertised. Dealers know that when they have a question, they can get a answer from us. Our expert calibration team leaves no vehicle untuned, and no problem unresolved. SCT dealers and customers have come to trust that what we promote, works. SCT spends considerable time testing every product we sell on both the dyno and on the street. We often turn down opportunities to develop or sell other profitable products because we do not believe in them or because we know from our experience that they will not work as advertised. SCT would rather not sell something to our customers that is a waste of money or has not been proven to be worthwhile.

SCT on the leading edge:

Now and in the future, SCT will continue to push the industry forward with new technology and better tuning tools. We are normally the first to release calibrations and tuning products for the newest vehicles. We start working on performance calibrations for the newest vehicles the second a vehicle is released. This push to be the first, allows our dealers to maximize profit and support of the newest vehicles.

The Diesel Superchips Micro Tuners are awesome

Looking for a quick, easy way to boost your truck's power without even getting your hands dirty? The diesel Superchips Micro Tuner will allow you to plug into your vehicle's electronic systems and optimize the programming for maximum performance. All you have to do is follow the easy directions on the LCD screen and in a few minutes you will have a massive truck upgrade completed. These amazingly easy to use diesel power tuners even read and clear diagnostic codes! You need to purchase the specific model for you truck, but Performance Motorsports has a full range of diesel Superchips products so we will help you get the exact unit you need.

SCT flash devices take tuning to the next level

SCT FlashSCT flash programming devices are raising the bar for flash-based programmers. Offering both pre-set and custom options, they allow users the maximum amount of flexibility. By using USB cables, they save you money because you will no longer have to rely on proprietary cables only available form the manufacturer. With this type of thinking behind them, SCT tuner units for diesel performance chips are incredible values.

The handheld SF3 Strategy Flash SCT tuner

The handheld SCT flash programmer that is rocking the industry is called the SF3. This little gem is unbelievable. Using a USB cable it can be hooked to your PC for firmware updates or your vehicle electronics. This SCT tuner gives you full control over which programs to implement for your applications as well as acting as a tool to read and clear diagnostic codes. It is one of the most powerful handheld diesel power tuners devices on the market.

The SCT Livewire for hands free performance

For full monitoring of your ride's vital statistics, you need something in the cab with you all the time. The SCT Livewire mounts to your windshield for full-time hands free system access. With pre-loaded codes and the option to add up to three custom profiles, a built-in shift light and real time data monitoring and, of course, diagnostic code reading and clearing functions this device is like mission control for your truck! The SCT Livewire gives you all the data and control you need to get maximum performance from your truck.

Performance Motorsports is proud to carry all of these great products and more. Let us help you find the perfect unit for you today.

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