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Your diesel trucks exhaust affects airflow

Diesel Exhaust Systems

It is really pretty simple. Your diesel trucks exhaust system has a huge affect on your overall power and performance. Think of it this way:

  • Your truck engine burns fuel to run
  • Burning fuel requires air (oxygen) and expels exhaust
  • Diesel exhaust systems shoot out waste gasses allowing clean air to come in
  • The faster waste leaves, the faster oxygen gets to come in
  • The more quickly the air gets in, the more efficiently the engine runs
So the better your diesel trucks exhaust vents its waste, the better it will run. This means more power, more miles per gallon and more torque. Tail pipes and diesel exhaust stacks are not just fancy chrome on the end of mufflers! You exhaust system makes a huge difference to the operation and efficiency of your truck.

After-market diesel exhaust systems enhance performance

The common question now is if diesel exhaust systems are so important, wouldn't the factory make them as efficient as they can possibly be? Well, yes and no. It all comes down to your definition of efficient. Is bending the pipe in such a way that you get a few extra horsepower but the installation process slows down and they produce a couple of hundred less trucks a day more or less efficient? If you care about total horsepower of your individual truck the answer is different than if you care about delivery a certain amount of trucks everyday! Besides, even if your exhaust system is pretty good, if you make other upgrades such as a high performance air intake system, it might not be able to keep up anymore. There are other advantages, too, if you convert to exhaust stacks (like getting that exhaust up away from anyone around your truck).

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